You dont know anything


Look at the timestamp of the image above. I tweeted it in 2010 after reading glowing reviews of the bufferapp on Hackernews, I just couldn’t get why someone would pay just to schedule posts on twitter (they only supported twitter back then). Joel responded to my tweet with optimism about the app. 3 years on, look at the tweet below:


This goes to show that we don’t really know sh*t about anything. If you have an idea you think would work, run with it first. Let your target audience accept or reject it and don’t place the power of life and death in the crucible of some so-called expert who probably doesn’t know sh*t about anything,


How to hack Twitter’s registration (using gmail)

I wanted to create another Twitter account for my new project (@forefont) but Twitter’s registration process doesn’t allow would be users to register using an email address already in their records. So this is how I did it using Gmail.
Gmail, allows catchall email addresses i.e. my email address is aitoehigie {at} gmail {dot}com, but if you send an email to me at aito.e.higie {at} gmail {dot} com or any other combination, Gmail still delivers the email to me. Since I had used my correct email address to register my main Twitter account, I just used the combination above, and it was successful.
Try it.