When I went Pro.

I did not know anything about setting up a server.
FTP? no idea, just a buzz word.
I had tried my hands at PHP some time in the distant past (stone age actually).
My knowledge of CSS was less than zero.
Interactivity was limited to some Flash hacks (***hides face***)I did not know a thing about Javascript.

My only claim to geekry was a sparse knowledge of Python.

The only thing that was in my favour was a willingness to learn.

I did and got paid. Heavily……


Pystar – February 2013


2 thoughts on “When I went Pro.

  1. Pystar. I want to add to the mix a little. What if the person in there is out of College, and feels his passion lies here but is faced with the issues that come with being a Nigerian grad (little cash, little support / learning environment)? What to be done?

    1. In Nigeria, we dont have VC’s or visible Angels, so in the meantime, get a day job and work hard on your dreams at night. Hopefully, your night job might start to pay off well enough that you can quit your day job and finally work on your passion. Off my head.

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