2 Reasons why you should start a startup (The Nigerian version)

2 Reasons why you should start a startup

(The Nigerian version)

Have you been thinking about starting an Internet company? here are some reasons why I think you should take the plunge.

  1. You just graduated from university or are about to and you are scared about getting a job which you know doesn’t even exist [1].
  2. Nigeria is a “virgin tech forest” where technology can be used to disrupt almost all facets of society. Almost any idea you develop  can  and will disrupt society for “good”, as there are real problems that technology can be used to solve [2] which Western tech companies haven’t solved and don’t even have any interest in solving. In Nigeria, viable ideas are everywhere, the streets are paved with “idea gold”, pick one up run with it and make impact.
P.S : For the love of God, while you are at it, please don’t create another clone of Facebook, Twitter or another bulk SMS website. And for your business model, don’t make Google Adsense  your primary source of income as I feel that there are ideas that some of the 45 million online Nigerians who also mostly live under $1 per day would be able to spare out of that pittance to pay for your service [3].


[1]  Actually, you don’t even need to have a degree to start a startup, as most coders I know are self-taught. The unemployment rate in Nigeria stands at 23.9%  out of a total of over 167 million people. Why waste your time looking for a job which is virtually (no pun intended) nonexistent, when you could create one for your self and others, make impact on your society which you definitely can’t do as a “cubicle slave” and if you are lucky, become rich and retire young?

[2]  PayPal has blacklisted Nigeria, why can’t we develop our home-grown version? Also, why do I have to go through semi illiterate middle men called “agents” before I can get a place to rent?  (present solutions in this space suck big time).

[3] This is the subject of a blog post for another day.


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