Why?…….Questions about Nigeria’s Tech scene.

Why hasn’t the landing of both MainOne and Globacom’s undersea cables crashed prices and provided “real broadband” access in Nigeria?

Why have all the projects launched at Garage48 startup weekend gone under?

What are the tangible effects (apart from social networking) of all the tech meetups that have taken place in recent times?

Why do developers here in Nigeria complain about lack of funding for the failure of their projects to take off?

Why hasn’t any tech startup in Nigeria been able to harness the huge potential market of more than 150million people?

Why is it that up till now, there is really no example of a successful home grown, bootstraped tech startup?

Why are there 24 mobile money operators and 2 major epayment switching companies but no local epayment system for the web that really works?

And last of all, why I am blogging instead of working on my projects?


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