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A Nigerian hackers wish.

How I wish there is a place in Lagos, Nigeria where:

1. I can code without bothering about power cuts from the power company, my inverter running down, my generator running out of fuel or my laptop dying and also have REAL BROADBAND ACCESS.

2. I can harness the collective intelligence of fellow hackers, brainstorm on issues relating to coding/startups/funding/business models etc, get validation on ideas for web projects etc (Twitter/Facebook doesn’t just cut it).

3. I can get to meet VC’s and angels who might become interested in my work, put in funding and get it off the ground.

4. I can have unlimited access to food and energy drinks to fuel my coding sessions i.e. I wont mind paying a daily/weekly/monthly fee to get something like this.

5. I can concentrate on coding which I do well and leave stuff like UI/UX design, database design and administration, system administration to the guys who do it better.

6. I can attend hackerton’s, *camps, workshops and trainings related to IT facilitated by veterans in the industry, both local and foreign.

I think I should stop wishing and start acting, anyone else interested in making this happen?


13 thoughts on “A Nigerian hackers wish.

  1. namzo says:

    I wish too. It’s just a matter of time. Things are moving. As for the electricity.. I can’t say though.. We’ll improvise.

  2. You got something going on here…

    This is probably on, on the minds of folks like yourself.

    But then, no one is going to solve these issues but us. They are enourmous so we better slice and cut thru them, in ones and twos.

    I have a plan for no 3 for example. I ‘d be posting more, via @dapxin shortly.

    Its on us; Its on us baby.:)

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    • Depends on the facilities available. The thing is this, this can actually be a startup incubator and can generate income from charging daily/weekly/monthly fees or on the extreme side, offer these facilities free and take a slice of equity from startups that launch.

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  5. Thats a big one, collaboration. If like minded people can start something, maybe doubter’s would see how serious we are and then chip in. FGN is offering $200million to the entertainment industry, why not to the IT industry? this is because Nollywood has now become so “good” (notice the quotes around good) that they cant be ignored.

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